1.1 Delivery

Delivery of the order in Moscow and the Moscow region


Delivery of the order in Moscow and the Moscow region is free.

Convenient delivery time can be agreed with the specialist of the online store when confirming the order.

Attention! The following rules apply to the delivery of orders by the courier service of our online store:

        Delivery of the order is possible only at a specific address, the transfer and payment of the goods are made only in buildings.

        In the case of delivery of orders to public places (train stations, shops, restaurants, etc.), the transfer of goods and cash settlements are possible only in their office part, and in the case of delivery to residential buildings - only in an apartment.

        When confirming the order, the delivery officer has the right to ask the subscriber to provide an additional telephone contact number, and in some cases the local (stationary) telephone number is required to deliver the order.

        The courier service reserves the right to check the correctness of the contact information specified by the subscriber.

        The courier is not authorized to give any advice on technical or commercial topics, as well as to carry out any instructions of the subscriber.

        Inspection of the goods in the presence of a courier, as well as all mutual settlements must be carried out within a period of no more than 20 minutes.

Delivery of the order in Russia

        Delivery of the order in Russia is free of charge.

        We will deliver your order to any region of Russia we carry out rapid delivery "to the door" of the subscriber in cooperation with SPSR-EXPRESS.

Worldwide delivery

        Delivery of the order around the world is free of charge.

        We will deliver your order to any country in the World (according to the list of countries delivered by courier services). We carry out rapid delivery "to the door" of the subscriber in cooperation with UPS, PonyExpress, DPD courier services.


Getting in the office

When creating an order you can choose "Get in the office" option.

For connected orders (number and rate plan), the reservation period is 3 working days.

At the end of this period the order will be canceled and at the time of re-ordering its value can be recalculated at new prices.
The office is located at: Moscow, Mira Ave. 102, . 1. Operating hours 10:00 to 19:00, Mon-Fri.


1.2 Payment method

Payment of the order is possible after signing the Communication Services Agreement.

Cash payment (private person)

You can pay for your order in cash directly to the courier or at the V-Tell office after checking the order.

Payment for the order is made in rubles only. If you pay for an order more than 2 days after checkout, the order amount can be recalculated at new prices, as the sales and service specialist will inform you.

When you pay for an order, you will receive a cash receipt.


Payment by Bank card upon receipt (private person)

When you ship the goods by courier or by self-call from the V-Tell office, you can pay for the order with a credit card using a POS terminal. Cards accepted for payment: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Mir. The courier service is equipped with equipment that allows you to accept payment on plastic cards directly during delivery.

The employee of the courier service or office is obliged to verify the authenticity of the card and ask the subscriber to present an identity document:

For citizens of the Russian Federation:

        Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation

        Temporary identification card of a citizen of the Russian Federation (form No. 2P) issued at the time of issuing a passport (such a certificate must necessarily indicate the reason for issuing and the period for issuing).

        for military personnel of officers, ensigns, midshipmen - identification card of a soldier of the Russian Federation;

        for soldiers, sailors, foremen undergoing military conscription - a military ticket.

For foreign citizens:

        national passport or foreign passport

        Refugee certificate (issued to a person recognized as a refugee in the Russian Federation in accordance with the Federal Law "On Refugees" for a period of up to three (3) years), as well as a certificate of consideration of a person's application for recognition as a refugee.

ashless payment (legal person)

To pay for a cashless order, a sales and service specialist sends you an invoice in a manner agreed with you. The invoice as well as the goods reserve are valid for three bank days. The item is released after the funds are credited to our account. When transferring goods to the recipient, it is necessary to present the passport and provide the original power of attorney from the payer organization indicating the material values ​ ​ received. If the goods are delivered personally to the CEO, it is necessary to certify our copy with the consignment note of the paying organization and present a passport, as well as a document confirming the authority of the director (protocol or order of appointment).

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