Your business always comes first: no attention wasted on unpredictable roaming fees. At V-Tell we understand that when you work across borders, you expect your mobile service to be reliable and transparent.

We have put together a platform that delivers on this expectation, and now you can stay connected roaming-free. Wherever your business leads you.

Our technology makes it possible for you to have all your international mobile numbers on one SIM-card. The moment you cross a border, your phone is connected to your local number, while leaving the other numbers active so you can be reached at all times. So no more switching SIM-cards at airports.

No need to carry multiple phones on all your business trips. Convenience that simply works.

In this day and age, country codes shouldn’t prevent people from staying connected, but in reality, they still do. At V-Tell we fixed this problem with Smart Call ID technology.

You can now choose to have an active local mobile number in the countries where you have business associates or family. They can easily reach you on that number wherever you are in the world, paying local rates and feeling like you are just a simple phone call away.

With V-Tell, you can always have the confidence that all your out-of-bundle costs will be charged at fixed rates. We are able to secure these rates by working directly with regional mobile service providers. Check the rates for your calls from country to country using our rates calculator.


Alena Markoff

International Lawyer
When I am travelling, accessibility is everything. A subscription with V-Tell perfectly matches my expectations: ease of use, immediate availability, and no bill shock at the end of the month. The last thing I would want to do is to go back to carrying two or three phones with me the way I used to.

Sander Alberts

Senior Technical Advisor
As an expat, I was looking for a telecom solution that would allow me to stay connected to all my friends and colleagues – and at the same time, give me the opportunity to be close to my family back home. Furthermore, I truly appreciate the reliability of the V-Tell technology, which has never let me down.

Mark Levin

Entrepeneur & Investor
Worldwide, roaming-free & unlimited. Solid technology, convenience, and on top of that my wife and kids can always reach me, which gives me tremendous peace of mind. Why would I choose something else?