V-Tell is a rapidly growing telecommunication company acting as an International Mobile Operator, devoted to provide services and innovative technology to customers across the globe. One V-Tell SIM card allows the subscriber to get unlimited amount of phone numbers with no roaming internet and mobile services.

V-Tell Prices, Packages, Bundles, Deals

There are four Package Deals (the amount of data and minutes differs)

V-Business, V-1; V-2; V-3; V-Max offered to our Subscribers. Each of them includes the following services:

  1. 1. Unlimited Domestic Talk and Data
  2. 2. Unlimited Data and texting in more 110+ countries*
  3. 3. Free two lines with foreign phone numbers included
  4. 4. Ability/Capacity to add any amount of foreign phone numbers

How to choose the plan that suits you?

You can opt your plan by estimating how much data and minutes you use monthly.

Switching to another plan in V-Tell is a snug!

*Available only with V-Max package

Международный оператор мобильный связи V-Tell Контакты:
Адрес: 129626, г. Москва, проспект Мира, д. 102, корп.1, этаж 11, комн. 2 129626 Москва,
Телефон:+7 (495) 252 03 03, +7 (958) 900 90 90, Электронная почта: service@v-tell.ru