SIM-card and phone number

How can I replace a SIM card?

For free-of-charge SIM card replacement (due to loss, mechanical damage, SIM-card blocking, etc.) please contact our Customer Service.

How is V-Tell SIM card formatted?

V-Tell SIM card is universal. It is designed for Mini-, Nano- and Micro-SIM. You can choose the appropriate sized SIM card.

Can my SIM card be locked if it is lost?

Yes. To lock your SIM card please contact our Customer Service.

Would the phone be deactivated due to not being used?

According to the Terms and Conditions of Rendering of Communications Services, by Glotell B.V., non-usage of the paid services within one year will result in the Subscriber’s unilateral refusal to maintain the Agreement.

Международный оператор мобильный связи V-Tell Контакты:
Адрес: 129626, г. Москва, проспект Мира, д. 102, корп.1, этаж 11, комн. 2 129626 Москва,
Телефон:+7 (495) 252 03 03, +7 (958) 900 90 90, Электронная почта: