How can I set up/cancel call forwarding?

You may set up call forwarding in several ways:

Using your phone menu:

Settings → Phone → Call forwarding → Activate → Provide a number to which you would like your calls to be forwarded.

Using USSD codes:

To set up Call forwarding dial the command ** (Forwarding service code) * (+7(ХХХ)ХХХХХХХ) # press CALL;

Forwarding service codes:

21 – unconditional forwarding;

61 – forwarding if not answered;

62 – forwarding if not connected;

67 – forwarding if the phone line is busy.

To cancel Call forwarding dial the following command from your phone:

- cancel a specific forwarding: ## (forwarding service code) # press CALL;

- cancel all forwarding: ##002# press CALL.

Call forwarding installation and cancellation are free-of-charge. The forwarded calls are charged as outgoing calls according to the selected rate.

How can I set up a conference call?

To set up a conference call it is necessary to select “Add participants” function on the device while on the call. “Conference call” service is provided by default and is free-of-charge. You pay only for outgoing calls according to the selected rate.

How can I block Caller ID?

“Block Caller ID” – is a basic phone option which is activated in the settings of your device: Settings → Phone → Show My Caller ID → Disable. It is possible to block Caller ID for a specific call if you dial the number as follows: #31#+ХХХХХХХХХХ.

Important: The Caller ID can not be blocked while sending an SMS.

How can I make a long distance and international calls?

To make long distance or international call please dial:
+ (country code) (city code/cell phone provider code) (Subscriber’s number) or

8-10 (country code) (city code/cell phone provider code) (Subscriber’s number)

How can I configure SMS settings?

In order to send a SMS, the manual setting usually is not required.

Command to verify the setting of SMSC is: *#5005*7672# CALL.
In case a manual setting of SMSC is required, please dial **5005*7672*+79584999009#CALL.

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