Terms of Service «Multi Numbers»

The «Multi Numbers» service is provided by LLC «Global Telecom» partner Globex Telecom Group Limited. The «Multi Numbers» service is provided to subscribers in accordance with the instructions and instructions of Globex Telecom Group Limited and allows the subscriber to select telephone numbers of foreign countries from the list of available ones for receiving incoming calls.


Opportunities for the subscriber

·        One of the main advantages of the «Multi Numbers» service is to create the effect of local presence in any country at the choice of the subscriber. Using the «Multi Numbers» service, a subscriber can receive incoming calls to additional telephone numbers using the SIM card of LLC «Global Telecom», which provides communication services under the trademark «V-Tell». At the same time, the service fee is debited from the subscriber's personal account.

·        Additional telephone numbers are provided by foreign telecom operators with whom Globex Telecom Group Limited has an appropriate contractual relationship. LLC «Global Telecom» is not responsible for the actions of other telecom operators.

·        LLC «Global Telecom» provides the possibility of forwarding calls to additional telephone numbers.


Service cost

·        The cost of connecting each additional number is charged in accordance with the selected tariff plan. The subscriber fee for the use of an additional telephone number not included in the subscriber fee of the corresponding tariff plan is 750 (seven hundred fifty) rubles monthly for each additional telephone number, unless otherwise provided for in the tariff plan.

·        Use of the Service makes it possible to receive incoming voice calls to additional telephone numbers throughout the territory where services are provided in accordance with the tariff plan.

·        Voice calls made using the Service shall be charged in accordance with the tariff plan selected by the subscriber.

·        The calculation period shall be set equal to 1 (one) calendar month in which the Service was provided.

·        In case of insufficient funds on the subscriber's personal account balance for connection, the Service is not provided until the minimum amount is paid.

·        When connecting the Service performed by Globex Telecom Group Limited, the first month of use of the Service is considered to be the period from the moment of connection to the end of the current settlement period. At the moment of connection of the Service, the subscriber's personal account shall be charged the subscriber's fee for the first month of use in the amount proportional to the balance of calendar days of the current settlement period.

·        If there are insufficient funds on the Subscriber's account balance, access to the Service shall be suspended until the minimum amount required for use of the Service is paid.

In case the Subscriber does not use the Service within 30 (thirty) calendar days, and in the absence of receipts to the Subscriber's personal account during the above-mentioned period of money in the amount sufficient to resume access to the Service, the Service shall be deemed terminated at the Subscriber's request.


Connection and disconnection of the Service

The subscriber can select and connect the Service:

·        Leaving an application request on the website of LLC «Global Telecom» when choosing a tariff plan.

·        In the communication office of LLC «Global Telecom» upon written application.

·        Through customer service.

·        Through the subscriber's personal account.

Disconnection of the Service is performed in the same ways as its connectivity.

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