In this section you will find answers to the most frequent questions asked by V-Tell Subscribers.

About V-Tell
Tell me about V-Tell.

V-Tell is a Global Mobile Network Operator, which services Subscribers around the world. A single V-Tell SIM card allows You to have unlimited amount of permanantly active phone numbers from over 51 countries on one device.
View V-Tell Wireless Coverage Area.

V-Tell services cover 214 countries. —lick here to find out.
What makes you different from other Mobile Operators?

V-Tell provides Subscribers with: one Sim card for all active phone numbers, monthly fixed rates, roaming - free Home Zone, Local Caller ID, phone number portability.
Become a V-Tell Subscriber
How do I become a V-Tell Subscriber?

To become a V-Tell Subscriber you can visit us at, go on our App or give us a call at US: +1(866)5030729; EU: +31 (85) 208-5874.
Do I have to sign a year contract with V-Tell?

No, it is not required to sign a year contract with us. However, we offer discounts for year contracts.
What documents do I need to become a V-Tell Subscriber?

In order to become a V-tell Subscriber you need to provide a Photo ID.
Can I choose a phone number?

After choosing a tariff plan that suits you the most, please pick a phone number from the ones that we offer. If you want to have any specific digit combinations this option is available for extra charge. Please contact our Customer Service Department if you have any questions.
How do I become a Business Customer at V-Tell?

Please contact our Customer Service for more information. US: +1(866)5030729; EU: +31 (85) 208-5874.
SIM card and phone numbers
I donít understand the concept of having several phone numbers on one sim card.

Multi Numbers Service allows you to have unlimited amount of active phone numbers. Your calling party gets in touch with you at local rates of his home country which is your additional number that is added to your SIM-Card.

 A tariff plan includes one free foreign number.
How do I block my lost SIM-card?

Your SIM card can be blocked easily. Call our Customer Care Service line (US) +1 (866) 503-0729 or (EU) +31 (85) 208-5874.
Can I block one of my phone numbers that I donít use at the moment?

In order to block one of your phone lines call our Customer Service at US: +1(866)5030729; EU: +31(85)2085874.
How can I get an additional phone number?

Adding a new phone number is easy. Go to your Account via or our App, call us at +1 (866) 503-0729 (USA) / +31 (85) 208-5874 (EU) or email us at

What number will be displayed if I call from Germany to England, given that I donít have any number from those countries?

If you do not have the number of the country which you are calling to, your main number will be displayed on the phone screen.
Can I port my phone number to V-Tell?

You can switch to V-Tell easily. 
What does it mean to have several phone numbers on one sim?

Your calling party sees a local phone number you choose.
How long does it take to port my number?

Portation usually takes 10 calendar days.
Could SIM card be delivered to NY?

We provide delivery services of our SIM cards worldwide.
How much is SIM card delivery?

Delivery service for our Subscribers is free.
How will the foreign number be displayed on the screen once I call abroad? Will I have to dial it manually? Will I be able to save this number in my contacts?

When a phone call is made, the number is automatically selected to be displayed on the partnerís phone screen, you do not need to choose anything manually. The number will be permanent, you can give it as your personal contact number.
Manage or update your PIN code on V-Tell.

If you enter wrong PIN 3 times, you will be asked for a PUK number which is displayed on your SIM card.
Tariff plans
Do you offer any discounts?

We offer group discounts when you sign up as a group (ex: partners, relatives, friends, etc., starting from the group of 5). For more information call our Customer Service at US: +1(866)5030729; EU: +31(85)2085874.
Can I change my V-Tell plan?

To change your plan just go to My V-Tell, then click on Plan Change.

What is a Home Zone?

A Home Zone includes 51 countries where you communicate at no extra charge over your monthly plan. 
Can a Home Zone change?

Due to rapidly growing innovations, the telecom market is continuously evolving. V-Tell offers different packages where Home Zone differs depending on our customers' needs.
What if I donít need so many countries in my Home Zone?

V-Tell Home Zone is the bundle of 51 countries. HZ bundle can't be changed by a Subscriber.
What happens if I go over my V-Tell data limit?

No matter how much data you use, your Internet service will never be interrupted. You will be notified via SMS, then you could either upgrade your plan or an international fee for each Mb used will be applied. Cost of Internet is determined by the country where you are located.
Do you use postpay or prepay system?

We use prepaid system. Your bill is paid on the 1st of every month. You can sign up any day of the month, we will prorate your first bill.
If V-Tell Home Zone does not cover the country, will I have the Internet and how much will it cost?

If the country is not included in our HZ, you will be charged additionally, the notification will be sent to you via sms.
Do you offer corporate discounts?

Call our Customer Care at +7 (958) 900-9090 to find out about corporate discounts.
How do I choose a monthly mobile plan?

In order to choose a tariff plan, please visit us at or our App., select your Home Zone and then select a plan that suits you the most. You could also call our Customer Service at US: +1(866)5030729;

EU: +31(85)2085874.

Balance and payment
What are my payment options?

Your Rate Plan and optional number fees will be debited from your credit card on a monthly recurring basis. Any out-of-bundle usage will be debited from your account. You need to recharge your account before being able to use out-of-bundle services. You can Top-up (recharge) your account via your Selfcare app and the Selfcare web portal.

How can I pay for the service?

We offer a convinient Autopay option. In addition, you can pay on our website or via V-Tell mobile application.
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